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Marketing Services

Quality Lead Generation & Follow Through Software For Your Leads

Lead Generation

  • Google Adwords Campaigns

    Conversion focused keyword targeting with a in-depth negative keyword strategy. Use of call only ads, dynamic text rotation, live A/B testing, promotion highlights, callout taglines and more!

  • Social Paid Ad Campaigns

    On Facebook & Instagram we target customers that are ideal and in your targeted small radius target market. We focus on reminding those local customers about your offers and opportunities available at your practice. 

  • Landing Page Creation With Conversion Tracking

    Powerful Landing Pages with Call Tracking Numbers, Call To Action Bars & Pop Ups, Conversion Tracking and valuable interaction data.

Lead Nurturing

  • Partnered Software for Follow Through

    With support of Ava 3.0 industry software for Orthodontists we are there to make sure you close the leads we get coming to you!

  • Timely Notifications of New Leads

    Custom email notifications follow up with your team on the new leads from your crafted landing page. 

Results Focused Reporting

  • Easy To Digest Reports Focused On ROI and High Quality Conversions

    Powerful reports from ad managers, call tracking, conversion data all in a easy to skim report.

Paid Ads Minus Bad Leads

We Cut Out The Bad Leads

We focus heavily on segmenting and refining your leads so that the only ones you get are far more likely to become long term dedicated customers and brand advocates.

How We Help Your Grow Faster

Tap Into A Better ROI Now

  • AdWords & Facebook Ads

    76% of ad budgets produce ZERO results.

    We’ve learned what it takes for you to become an industry leader. Let's identify exactly what is and is not working in your campaigns today.

  • Site Experience Testing

    Landing page design testing increases revenue by 60% annually!

    We’ve learned how to give your audience the experience they need in order to convert. 

  • Analytics Reporting

    97% of companies have bad data. 
    Track everything your paying for with ad analytics, call tracking, and more integrations to measure actual ROI.

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We Serve Orthodontists & Dental Professionals

The ARQ Team

Jarryd Thomas 

Ad Fulfilment & Internal Marketing Expert, ARQ

Olivia Ilkcagla

Ad Fulfilment & Internal Marketing Expert, ARQ



Digital Marketing & Paid Ads Expert, ARQ

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Designed for Orthodontists

  • Lead Generation (Google & Social)

  • Landing Page Creation & Tracking

  • Call Tracking & Recording

  • ROI Focused Reports

  • Ava For Orthodontics


Designed for Dentists Like You!

  • Lead Generation (Google Search & Social Media Ads)

  • Landing Page Creation & Tracking

  • Call Tracking & Recording

  • ROI Focused Reports


+ Ad Spend Budget - $500 Minimum - (Paid Direct To Ad Platforms


$899 First Month Onboarding Fee


Designed for Orthodontic & Dental Package Clients​

  • Full Ava Management

  • Custom Sequences In Ava

  • Early Smiles Club Marketing Program

  • Brand Loyalty Marketing​ Package

  • Industry Education Services​

  • SEO (Long Term Contracts Only - 6 Months Minimum)​

  • Marketing Consulting Services

Average Rate Of $200/Hour

Only Orthodontic & Dental Package Clients Eligible

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Quality Lead Generation Services For Orthodontic & Dental Professionals

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