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Ava Desk Management!

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$30,760 from a targeted outreach campaign!

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  • $57,600 In Potential New Starts!

  • $20,520 from two targeted outreach campaigns

Ava Management Services

Ava Follow-Up Management

Let ARQ Manage your Team's basic daily Ava Tasks

"Team Decision" Triage

Pending Patient Monitoring

"Ava's Patients" Care

Marketing Opportunity Analysis

$99* per Month

*Multiple locations may be negotiated after the first 30 days.

Custom Blast or Sequence

Non revenue-generating custom sequence or blast

Messaging Creation

Communication Fulfillment

Robust Messaging

$200 per Blast or Sequence

Direct Response Offer

Custom messaging to get new patients, guaranteed

Marketing Opportunity Analysis

Messaging Creation

Communication Fulfillment

No Risk Guarantee

$500* per Blast


*Costs $0 If no contracts are signed!

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Marketing Services

Quality Lead Generation & Follow Through Software For Your Leads

Lead Generation

  • Google Adwords Campaigns

    Conversion focused keyword targeting with a in-depth negative keyword strategy. Use of call only ads, dynamic text rotation, live A/B testing, promotion highlights, callout taglines and more!

  • Social Paid Ad Campaigns

    On Facebook & Instagram we target customers that are ideal and in your targeted small radius target market. We focus on reminding those local customers about your offers and opportunities available at your practice. 

  • Landing Page Creation With Conversion Tracking

    Powerful Landing Pages with Call Tracking Numbers, Call To Action Bars & Pop Ups, Conversion Tracking and valuable interaction data.

Lead Nurturing

  • Partnered Software for Follow Through

    With support of Ava 3.0 industry software for Orthodontists we are there to make sure you close the leads we get coming to you!

  • Timely Notifications of New Leads

    Custom email notifications follow up with your team on the new leads from your crafted landing page. 

Results Focused Reporting

  • Easy To Digest Reports Focused On ROI and High Quality Conversions

    Powerful reports from ad managers, call tracking, conversion data all in a easy to skim report.

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